Taking Care of the Earth and it's Creatures

We care about nature!

Perry Hill Farm is rich with various species and their habitats. We feel we need to do our part to protect these habitats on the farm as well as else where. We not only work at preserving the environment personally, we also do professionally. Our business, EBM is about energy conservation with an emphasis on renewable energy. 

Our farm is powered by a solar electric system which is grid-connected. We use bio-fuels and our own wood to heat our home. The farm vehicles operate using bio-fuels. As we restore our 1700's farm house, we are making sure we use recycled and environmentally friendly products. We have used soy-based foam insulation in walls and ceiling cavities. Another reycled product we have used is artificial slate for our roof.   

Perry Hill Farm grows plants very differently. Our seedlings are grown in our own compost, made from our organically fed livestock's manure instead of a sterile potting mix.    Our soil is not tilled, which is better for the environment. Our produce is grown in permanent raised beds and is co-planted with mutually beneficial plants. We have a garden insectary, which is small garden plot of flowering plants designed to attract beneficial insects. Those beneficial insects devour many common garden pests.  This natural approach, combined with co-planting is Perry Hill Farm's safe alternative to pesticides.