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Choose which product or products by using the pull down menus.  It will take approximately a week to ship out your products. We ship out priority mail which has a 2-3 day delivery time.  All shipping is $10.00  

Local folks can choose to have their products  dropped off at  the Rhinebeck Farmers' Market on Sundays. You will choose pick up option on check out.   Pick up option is only for the market at this time.  Please note:  We must have your order by noon the Thursday before the Sunday Market.  Your order can be picked up at the Farmers' Market (RFM) Info  Booth from 10-2 every Sunday.  See Layout map by clicking here.

For  questions or you don't see something you would like to order email Vicki at farmer@perryhillfarm.com.

Bee Balm Cream

Bee Balm cream is our most labor intensive product we make.  It starts in July just as the Bee Balm is blooming we hand harvest tons of bee balm flowers and leaves.   The plant is dehydrated in our commercial dehydrator and stored.   We infuse our organically grown bee balm into olive oil and combine if with the other oils to make a rich cream.  A little goes a long way.   We use it on our bodies but primarily on Vicki's face.  Bee Balm Cream is sold 2 ounce glass jars.

Ingredients:  Organically grown bee balm infused into organic olive oil,  organic coconut oil,  organic apricot kernel oil,  organic witch hazel,  organic beeswax,  organic rosemary extract,  and essential oil of lavender. 

Dead Sea Salt Scrubs

We infuse our organically grown herbs or rose petals into organic olive oil or apricot kernal oil to create these delightful scrubs.  Your skin is left soft and moisturized after using.   We offer three varieties:  Peppermint,   Rose, and Lavender.  The scrubs are sold in  12 ounce recyclable plastic jars.

Ingredients:   Lavender: Organically grown lavender infused into organic olive oil Dead Sea salt, and essential oil of lavender. 

Peppermint: Organically grown peppermint infused into organic olive oil Dead Sea salt, and essential oil of peppermint. 

Rose Organically grown rose petals infused into organic apricot kernel  oil Dead Sea salt, and essence of English Rose. 

Vicki's Bug Chaser

Our organically grown yarrow and sage is infused into organic witch hazel and joined with essential oils that chases the bugs away.   

We use this spray on ourselves while we work on the farm.   It smells delightful while chasing all those biting bugs away!  Vicki's Bug Chaser is sold in aluminum mist spray bottles in two sizes:  4 ounce and 2.7 ounce

Ingredients:  Our organically grown yarrow and sage infused into organic witch hazel with essential oils of lemongrass,  citronella, cedarwood, rosemary, and geranium. 

Jewelweed Salve & Soap

Jewelweed is an amazing plant that grows all over the farm.   It has many properties that help itchy, inflamed skin.  Most folks think of it as great poison ivy relief.   We like to think of it like nature's cortisone.  

Ingredients:  Jewelweed Salve: Our organically grown jewelweed infused into organic olive oil,  beeswax and organic rosemary extract

Jewelweed Soap:  Organic jewelweed infusion,   organic coconut oil,  organic palm oil,  vegetable kosher glycerin,  purified water,  sodium hydroxide (lye),  purified water, sorbitol (moisturizer),  sorbitan oleate (emulsifier),  oat protein, and essential oil of tea tree.